Remote GSM based boat monitor


I am building a remote monitor for my boat. The boat is down at the coast in the summer and in a storage facility over the winter. Therefore it is good to be able to read the status of elements of the boat (battery voltages, temperature etc) remotely.

Originally I built a simple Arduino based version that has run for the last few winters. This year I have been building up a Raspberry Pi version with the aim of getting a more sophisticated solution and also learning about the world of Pi.

The Boat monitor reports into a web-server, the output of which is here - (its still under test)

The write-up etc for the monitor itself is here: Again I am updating this as I create code etc.


Cool project. And a very nice write up to I might add.

I do have a suggestion that might make it a little more compact though.

If you put a female header on the back side of the Pi Zero, instead or the male GPIO header, you can then plug it directly into the pHat stack without needing the ribbon cable. It will plug in just like a pHat does. Then that one vertical sensor board could plug in to the header the ribbon cable was on. That would give you one free spot for another pHat.
Or like I did, use a 90 degree female header and plug it in standing up. I only have the short version of the pHat Stack, the original Black Hat Hak3r board. I will eventually be getting a pHat Stack.

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