Retropie no longer visible after running picadehat

I have a Pi4, I ordered the 10" screen and the PicadeX hat for it (to update my old Retropie cabinet).

I had everything working on the Pi, I received the display and the hat and connected them up and everything powered up fine, retropie ran, games worked etc.
I then 'F4’d to the command line and entered “curl | bash” as per the instructions and didn’t see any errors.

But now there’s no video when Retropie runs.

So to clarify, there’s video when the Pi boots but at the point you’d get Retropie showing there’s just a blank screen.

If I now press F4 then we’re back at the command line and there’s video again.
(The display isn’t complaining there is no video so I’m guessing there is but it’s just blank, unplugging the hdmi produces the “no signal” box on the display)

Also if I guess where I am in the menus and select a game then I get the initial mame text box that appears before the game runs - that stays on the screen until I quit back out of mame but I don’t see the game.
It’s almost as if text modes work fine but not graphics modes.

I’ve also tried a computer monitor just in case the video is now outside of what the LCD can handle but that doesn’t help.

Anyone any ideas?


Hi, I am having the SAME EXACT problem, so if it makes you feel better at all it is not just you.

Alright, so … I think I figured this out. The picadehat script uncomments hdmi_force_hotplug in /boot/config.txt, and THAT seems to be what is messing me up. I commented that out, and I then got all of the graphics at boot.

That’s pretty weird, how can a command that’s meant to make sure the LCD works stop it working?

I’m trying to see if it fixes mine but Linux isn’t something I’m used to and it’s fng infuriating.

Using vi (ugh!) I can’t write it out because it’s read only.
So I try chmod +w config.txt but that throws an error saying “operation not permitted”.
So I try sudo chmod +w config.txt and that simply returns but the file is still read only.

I’ll bang my head on the wall for a bit longer and then go to bed.

OK “nano” lets me edit and run it.
Except I now have no video at all so commenting out hdmi_force_hotplug hasn’t helped at all (in fact now I have to figure out how to get some video so I can comment it back in!)

Hi kwackers,

Are you using HDMI port 1? If so, switching to port 0 (the one next to the USB C power connector) should sort it. Also make sure hdmi_force_hotplug is set to 1 and not 0.

Probably a bit late now, I swapped the Rasp4 for another one which worked fine with the memory card I’d already set up.

It’s possible I was using the wrong port although I hadn’t swapped them, simply run the hat setup.
I’ll have another look in a bit (I have a joystick issue, looks like the right microswitch is dead).