S-BUS library for SERVO 2040

I have not been able to find an S-BUS library in micropython for the SERVO 2040. The only one I have found is for the PYBOARD here: GitHub - Sokrates80/sbus_driver_micropython: a Micropython driver for the SBUS protocol

Hello, I am looking too, if you find any solution pleas tell me :)

There is some more info about it but i don’t know how to use it :( Raspberry Pi Pico SBUS Code Help - #26 by themitch22 - Electronics - Dallas Makerspace Talk

I downloaded themitch22 code off github but the example code is wrong. I found on another forum where someone was asking for the missing part and themitch22 replied saying he would have to see if he could find it. There was no further response. I tried emailing him and its been almost a week and no reply.

Oh, lol that was you!

I would think they would include an S-BUS library and sample code since so many people would want to control the SERVO 2040 with an RC transmitter.

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i agree with you, if i find solution i will post it here :)

I received a reply from themitch22. I let him know we were both hoping for his sample code. Will let you know if he comes thru.

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No word from “themitch22”. I am loosing hope. I thought someone would have something considering what this board was made for.