Thinking about trying a Raspberry Pi 3...I have some questions



Thinking about trying a Raspberry Pi 3…I have some questions:

  1. What is the difference between all the different pibow case options? (apart from colour)
  2. Should I just get an official Raspberry Pi case?
  3. Is the Raspberry Pi 3 compatible with the Official 7” Raspberry Pi Touch Screen?
  4. is the NOOB OS card in the Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit compatible with the Official 7” Raspberry Pi Touch Screen
  5. Can I drive the Touchscreen and the RPi3 from a battery and go mobile?
  6. I’ve got an old apple bluetooth keyboard - can I use that with a RPi3?
  7. Ditto for old apple bluetooth mouse.
  8. Can the RPi3 drive a bluetooth speaker (for Sonic Pi)

Thanks in advance!


  1. there are options of full size cases as well as Coupé. The later facilitate greatly access to the GPIO.

  2. it’s up to you, but as far as I’m aware you cannot fit the official case on the back of the touchscreen (at least without modding it). Pibows can.

  3. yes, sure

  4. yes

  5. it’s possible, but it won’t last you that long unless you are prepared to carry around a fairly bulky power bank.

6-7-8 there’s no reason for any Bluetooth device to be just fine. Not sure there is a suitable layour option for the Apple keyboard in Raspbian though



I thought there might be layout issues with the apple keyboard, but its worth trying because a free keyboard is a free keyboard!


absolutely! I was able to dig an Apple bluetooth keyboard circa 2007 and I can confirm you should be able to find a matching layout… well, at least one of the entry worked for that particular keyboard at my end.