Unit Cam Wi-Fi Camera DIY Kit (OV2640)

I one of the above onto which I have loaded the example Stack5-timer-cam wifi camera example. It connects to the wifi fine, and gets an ip address which appears on my network, but when I try and access it the debug log starts to complain with ‘Brownout detector was triggered’. Is there a particular specification of power supply?

I’m not sure about the power supply. I can email the pimoroni team and give them a heads up about your question. Maybe buy the pre assembled one ( Unit Cam Wi-Fi Camera (OV2640) – Pimoroni), you might of assembled it wrong. Tell me if I should contact Pimoroni to do this. It is no trouble at all :)


Hi, Thanks for the reply. I had messaged Pimoroni direct and they have kindly arranged a replacement.

You are welcome! Tell me if it works!