Working Raspian Lite Image for Pirate Radio

Unfortunately, Pirate Radio is not (yet?) working on the actual Raspian Lite “Buster”.
After hours of research, the latest working Image of Raspian Lite is
It can be downloaded under

If anyone got to work a later version, let me know

I do believe mine is running Buster with Desktop? The non Lite version. It’s not the latest release though, it was installed and setup before the recent switch to Pulse Audio.
I just set it to boot to command line when I’m all done with my setup. It takes a little while to boot up but I also set mine to wait for network. Once its running and streaming it works fine with no glitches in the sound etc.

With some hints from the forum I managed to get it to work with the latest Raspian LiteBuster.Evrything works with perfect Sound too!
Here the steps, summed up:
Install the latest Raspian Buster Lite Version.
Do all the updates/Upgrades
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
For making it all easier, run “sudo raspi-config” and enable sh (secure shell) and your WLAN configuration.
Furtheron, install your proper keyboard layout for your country. Makes it a lot easier to type in all the@,/()}{ and so on without searching
Then do the vlc install, cause vlc-nox is not longer supported by Buster.
sudo apt-get install vlc
The following only to be secure:
sudo apt-get install vlc-bin
sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-base

Then you have to modify the script in

sudo nano

Modify it (scroll down until you find the section):

raspbian_check() {

if [ -f /etc/os-release ]; then
    if cat /etc/os-release | grep -q "/sid"; then
        IS_SUPPORTED=false && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=true
    elif cat /etc/os-release | grep -q "stretch"; then
        IS_SUPPORTED=false && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=true
    elif cat /etc/os-release | grep -q "jessie"; then
        IS_SUPPORTED=true && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=false
    elif cat /etc/os-release | grep -q "wheezy"; then
        IS_SUPPORTED=true && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=false


    elif cat /etc/os-release | grep -q "buster"; then**
       IS_SUPPORTED=true && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=false**


        IS_SUPPORTED=false && IS_EXPERIMENTAL=false


Run the script:

sudo bash


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I forgot: after The sudo raspi-config part, do the Installation of the vlcradio-Part

curl ¦ bash

Ah, now that you mention it, I did have to make the edit for Buster support. It was probably close to a year ago that I did it and I just forgot. Sorry about that.

On the plus side, my installs of the Pirate Radio have been rock solid and very reliable. It’s along time between reinstalls. The last time I had a fail was because of a power bump while it was playing. It corrupted the SD Card.

We’ve updated the vlcradio one line installer and it should now be working properly with Buster.

Good to hear! Was a minor alteration