Motioneyesos suction camera holder


Looks like I currently have it turned on. I’ve had it turned off in the past, haven’t really noticed a difference. I’m not exactly sure what its supposed to do to be honest.
If you hover your mouse over the ? by it, it states
“enables software automatic brightness (only recommended for cameras without automatic brightness)”

Turned it back off, for now, until research it a bit more.


Have you yet found that the camera drops out at anytime, as I have. It’s getting more and more just lately. First it was just the USB logitech camera, and now it is also the official Pi camera that drops out as well.
At one time it was just a matter of rebooting Motioneye from the menu, but now, sometimes I have to physically pull the power on the Pi and do a hard reboot to get both cameras back up again.


My iffy camera does that. I get the icon of the camera with a bar through it. Sometimes it coms back on its own, sometimes a reboot from the web interface will fix it. And some times I have no choice but to power cycle that Pi. I end up power cycling because the Web GUI errors out and won’t communicate with the Pi.


I don’t know if you are aware, but there is a discussion thread on motioney on google message or similar. I have been getting a few of the posts as I have a gmail account.


I don’t have a Google account etc. I’m in no hurry to ever get one either. ;) Just my personal preference is all.

Motion Eye is pretty cool, I haven’t found anything better. It has issues though, it can be unreliable at times.
I didn’t like his attitude on his forum so I stopped posting on it. I didn’t get any real help there anyway.


Happened on this today,
I have one of those sensors on my I want one list. I’m going to book mark it for now, and give it a good read. If and when I get the sensor I’ll give a proper try out.
I think this is that sensor,
Not 100% sure though, and not sure what the extra bits on the bottom do? Might be a 5V to 3v regulator or something? Adafruit have that actual sensor without the extra bits so I may just add one to my next order there.


I did the motion sensor project with a IR InfraRed PIR Motion Sensor Module HC-SR501, and worked fine at first, as it was downloading all the pictures and or videos to the Pi sd card. With somone elses help , I managed to change the destination of the media files to my NAS server. It worked ok and kept it going for a month or so.

From the 2nd link the sensor I have does not have the breakout board on the back, just 4 pins which are marked on the back of the sensor, which I use as a distance calculator with a LCD screen.

I must say tho’ that project looks quite interesting.


Yeah, that extra board is to mount it to the Robo -Bit rover its made for. If I knew it was SR501 I’d order it and just ditch the extra board. It might even be usable with that board on it. I can’t see any part number etc in the picture to figure out what it is exactly. Might have to do some googling, or ask somebody at Pimoroni what it is exactly.


Here you go:

I don’t know what the shipping cost to you be tho’

Mine is also the hcsr04, I’ve just checked.


Thanks, I can also get it at Adafruit, which I will be ordering some other stuff some time down the road. It shows as out of stock at Adafruit but I’m not ready to order from them just yet anyway. I will be ordering some stuff from Pimoroni next month. I may just order the other one with the extra header and roll the dice. If it won’t work with a Pi I have an Arduino that uses 5V logic. I should be able to use it with one or the other. I may PM Phil and see if he can tell the model number of it.


That one from the Pi hut you linked too says “Digital Output: 5V”. Thats not good for a Pi, it uses 3.3V logic. Just a heads up.

The Adafruit one says 5V or 3V compatible.


Well that’s strange, the one I linked is 5v, but the same one you linked is 3v or 5v!

Did you see this:

In the picture ov the sensor connections is says it is a 5v one and they use a voltage divider??? by using a couple ov resistors to drop the voltage to 3v


Yeah it gets tricky. MY Pi’s are 3V logic, and so are my BBC Micro-Bits.
My Arduino Uno is 5V but my Arduino MKR1000 is 3V logic.


On the Raspberry Pi3 something, pins 2 and 4 are 5v, so you must a different pi from what I have.


There is 5V available on the GPIO pins, and its used for the USB port power and some other stuff. But the logic level that i2c etc uses is 3V logic. Thats why there is also a 3.3V available on the GPIO header.

What voltage devices can I attach to the GPIO pins, and how much current can I pull?

The GPIO pins are natively 3.3V, so 5V devices MUST NOT be attached directly without some sort of voltage conversion. The pins can provide up to 16mA current. See the GPIO docs page for more information.


I’ve made a start with that project, and only done the wires and resistors. It is the 330 and 470 ohm resistors which are the voltage divider.


Let me know how that works out. I am getting one of those sensors at some point. If it doesn’t work out with a camera I have a few rovers to test it with too.

Fixed my camera with the streaks in it. A friend gave me his camera that didn’t work. The main board was bad. I took his sensor / lens bit and plugged it into my main board. No more streaks.
I have one really dead camera on my desk though lol. I’m going to see if I can get the locking bar off without breaking it, for a spare, before I bin it.


After wiring up the board and pi, I copied and pasted the code, and it runs without any errors.
I must have something not quite right with the wires, and no pics are taken, or none are saved to the folder which python script is in.

I have tried to leave a reply , asking for clarification on the voltage divider resistors, the site thinks it is spam???

Could you do me a favour, and have a look at the bottom of the said project page to see if my comment is there, as it has disappeared now.


I don’t see any coments on that page.
Is your camera connected via the CSI?
And did you run sudo apt-get install python3-picamera
If you connect a monitor you should see the print statements “nobody there” etc on screen as the file runs


What is CSI, the camera is connected to the camera port on the raspberry pi, and I am using ssh in a terminal window and run the script. When I do ctrl-C there are no files in the folder.
Ok, I’ll connect a monitor and what screen will I see the print statements.