Motioneyesos suction camera holder


I have this one Pi 3B+ that loses connection to its camera. Well I think thats what’s happening? I have a brand new Pi Foundation camera version two on the way. Our postal strikes have messed up the delivery date on it though. I’m hoping it gets here before Christmas. I also have a Pi 3A+ in that order. Those two are going to replace my glitching Pi 3B+ Motion Eye setup. Assuming Motion Eye will run on the 3A+.
Some settings changes will prompt for a reboot. I have to do that every now and then Turning off the LED on the camera is one of them.


Put my new version 2 camera with new cable on that Pi 3B+ and it glitched again. It lost the camera signal and just showed the camera logo with the bar through it. I’m kind of thinking there is something up with that Pi 3B+, that it has a defect or something?
I’m now going to put that new camera on my new 3A+ that just arrived yesterday in the same box. Hopefully Motion Eye will run on a 3A+. Can’t see why it wouldn’t, its just a 3B+ with some bits lopped off.


New Motion Eye OS images are up, dated 20181210

The new Pi 3 image worked just fine with my 3A+. It’s all up and running as I type this.