Motioneyesos suction camera holder


I have this one Pi 3B+ that loses connection to its camera. Well I think thats what’s happening? I have a brand new Pi Foundation camera version two on the way. Our postal strikes have messed up the delivery date on it though. I’m hoping it gets here before Christmas. I also have a Pi 3A+ in that order. Those two are going to replace my glitching Pi 3B+ Motion Eye setup. Assuming Motion Eye will run on the 3A+.
Some settings changes will prompt for a reboot. I have to do that every now and then Turning off the LED on the camera is one of them.


Put my new version 2 camera with new cable on that Pi 3B+ and it glitched again. It lost the camera signal and just showed the camera logo with the bar through it. I’m kind of thinking there is something up with that Pi 3B+, that it has a defect or something?
I’m now going to put that new camera on my new 3A+ that just arrived yesterday in the same box. Hopefully Motion Eye will run on a 3A+. Can’t see why it wouldn’t, its just a 3B+ with some bits lopped off.


New Motion Eye OS images are up, dated 20181210

The new Pi 3 image worked just fine with my 3A+. It’s all up and running as I type this.


Ok, I now have a 32gb class 10 sdcard in the pi3, and have it with just an old windows usb camera for now. I have ordered the NOIR camera , but I think I’ve made a boo boo with it. I thought the Noir camera was a night camera, but it isn’t really as I found a bit later.
I tried to canccel that part of my order but no joy.


I do believe NOIR means No Infra Red filter. Sort of kind of night vision. Poor mans night vision I guess, lol. Add some IR LED’s and it might work as a night vison camera of sorts.
I’ve had to redo my 3A+ once and my 3B+ yet again. They just stop connecting to my WIFI and or I can’t connect to them via the web interface. My gut feeling is telling me its a Motion Eye issue with the WIFI chip on the 3A+ and 3B+. My regular 3B setups seem to run 24/7 with no issues.


I’ve just had a quick look at IR leds on here, but not sure how I’d connect them to be effective.

Yes that’s right, No Infra Red filter on the Noir camera, and wish I’d realised before I ordered it.

After I had the usb webcam up and running in Motioneyeos on the Pi 3 yesterday, this morning it just lost connection like your’s do. I’m going to monitor it for a day or so now


Sometimes just power cycling it (rebooting it) gets it working again. Do that two or three times though and odds are it will just stop working all together. The Micro SD card likely gets corrupted.

Yeah it kind of sucks ordering the wrong camera. They aren’t cheap. It costs me 35 Canadian for one, not counting the shipping etc. I can get a Pi 3A+ for that. It’s 8 mega pixel though so I guess thats why its not cheap.


I have rebooted the Pi3 , then my laptop, with motioneye on it, and sometimes it has worked and other times just giving it a rest works, lol.

Just a point, how do you get pictures or movies to show. I have done it previously with the Pi Zero, but can’t remember what I did to get the pictures.

I’ll see what the reply says to my message about it on Monday about cancelling and or changing it.


There should be 4 blue icons in the top right hand corner of the view window. The second one will show any pictures stored on that Pi, and the third one any videos. The first one is maximize and the fourth is the settings menu.


Yes I know about the 4 blue icons but when I click on pictures, there aren’t any. Is it a setting to change .


If there aren’t any it sounds like itss not taking them automatically, your motion detection isn’t working?
Double check that Still Images is ON in settings. And Capture Mode is set to Motion. I think you already did that though?
There is a setting to add a button to take pictures when you click it.
Settings > Still images > Enable manual snapshot.
Double check that Preserve Pictures is set to “Forever”.


Still Images was set to ON, but Capture Mode was left at Manual, so I’ve changed it to Motion Triggered.



That should do it. One thing I really wish he would add, is a single click button, like the snapshot button, to record video. One click to start recording, one more click to stop the recording.
The way it is now I have to turn on Movies, then set it to Continuous Recording, and click Apply. The default is Motion Triggered, even if Motion is turned off. Then turn Movies Off and click Apply again to stop recording.


Some one from the shop replied to me this morning about me ordering the wrong camera, and I have sent it back earlier today.
I have also ordered the PIM008 night vision camera, so I should get that tomorrow now.


No plans for night vison here. I want to get at least one more normal version 2 camera though. I have one original version 1 I bought way back when thats getting iffy. Lots of streaks and weirdness in dim light. And lately a white bar down one side. I think its failing slowly. Its been banged and bumped around, moved from project to project. Might have even dropped it on the floor at some point. Not really its fault, its been put to good use and lasted a long time.


Talking about cameras getting iffy, I bought 2 Lilin CCTV cameras in 2014, and since about Septemberish last year 1 started losing connection to the CCTV software, and not displaying anything every now and again. I then replaced it with another Hikvision camera to go with the other 2. Hikvision as a phone app where I can add the cameras to it and watch what is happening while I am away from home.
Now the othe ML camera is playing up and not showing anything in the dark. It still records and gives pictures, but at night you can’t see anything.


The Pi Foundation one I have thats acting up also flickers at dusk and dawn. If I go into Motion Eye and toggle the Automatic Brightness setting it stops. It doesn’t seem to matter if its on or off? Turning it from on to off, or off to on, stops the flickering? This is the only camera that does it?


Weird! That camera has a mind of it’s own, lol


Yeah, its dark outside and that camera is looking outside. Its got all kinds of vertical streaks in it now. Kind of looks like a piece of cheese cloth or something is in front of it lol.


I know what I wanted to ask you, do you use Automatic Brightness, as when I tried it, the picture slowly changed from brighter to darker in a rotation, so I turned it off.