New Artwork for Picade Cabinet

Life Force

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Made for my new picade arcade…Thanks to Wheelhorse for the templates.



Your work is really superb
For my part I try to reproduce this picade bubble but with little result.
Can you help me turn my son’s picade into a picade bubble ?


Could someone leave me the templates in psd format to try to make a personalized picade? If the sides of the cabinet were there and the images could be added directly, it would be great. I have the 10-inch version “PICO 8”.

Thank you

Need your email because the psd file can’t be attached here.

Hi Angel,

thanks for your quick response. my email is

sent this morning… Let me know if you got it.

Hi Angel,

Yes I already have the templates, it’s just what I needed, thank you very much. Now I will look for how to make the sides of the picade

Good morning all

I’m at an impasse with my picade bubble project.
I can’t print at the right size.
Do you have a more convenient format for printing.

Did you make your own art work or did someone send it to you? Can you Share it here? Or email it to me

Also which picade model? Is it thr newest picade? 10 inch or 8 inch screen?